Alanya Adventures Things to do

Alanya is one of the few tourist destinations in the middle east which is strategically located with the breath-taking Mediterranean sea on one side and the cool Taurus mountain range on the other. The Alanya boat trips are a popular choice among tourists because of the endless opportunities for fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming or simply sun bathing on the boat. However, there are also several tours worth checking out which take you close to nature through rides in the Taurus mountain range.

One of the most popular Alanya Tours of the region is the Alanya Quad Safari tour. The schedule of the tour is approximately half a day either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Quad bikes are provided to the tourists to ride through a 30 km trek in the rugged mountain terrain. This tour is much enjoyed by people who want a thrilling experience and a rush of adrenalin as the Quad bike jumps over road guts.

Alternatively, one can also try the Buggy ride which also has the option of two riders in the same cart. The Buggy safari tour is much calmer and smoother than the Quad bikes and is an excellent way to explore the flora and fauna of the mountain range while riding along the dusty roads. The overall time duration of this tour is 2 to 3 hours.

Last but not the least is the Alanya Horse Safari tour through the mountains. The trail of this tour starts on the outskirts of the Seki village which lies adjacent to Alanya. A little before-hand experience of horse riding will make this tour even more enjoyable since it involves almost a 3 hour journey on horse-back. The final destination is the Syedra castle and the city both of which are in ruins now but provide an excellent view of the whole area from high up.