Excursions And Popular Tours in Alanya

The Mediterranean coast is one of the few places in the world which is ideal for fishing because of the high chances of getting a really good catch. The climatic conditions are ideal for the fish to thrive in the warm waters of this water body which in turn is a boon for both amateur and professional fishermen. It doesn’t matter whether fishing if a hobby or whether one wants to try his hand at it the first time, the Alanya fishing boat trip will have something for everyone.

This particular boat tour stands a little apart from the regular tours since it takes place only on sunrise or after sunset. A captain guide will provide instructions on the best fishing techniques as well as proper use of the equipment. The tour itself will be conducted on a yacht boat which will keep sailing towards the bay to enable the people on board to catch a variety of fish. A mouth-watering breakfast or evening snacks with drinks will be made available and one can even choose to have the fish he caught grilled and cooked right there on the boat!

Alanya Tours are breath taking and fascinating. Another popular related boat trip is the shark catching tour which specifically focuses on the various stages involved in catching a shark. The tour will have to be booked in advance and the tourists will get full support from professional shark fishermen, at the same time being completely involved in each and every stage of this thrilling fishing experience. Lunch and dinner is served on board comprising of grilled fish, chicken and the famous Mediterranean salads. Unlimited drinks are also available to keep you cool and in a good mood. If you are lucky enough, you may even get a chance to taste shark meat!