Subject of this contract covers rights and obligations of parties according to provisions of “4077 numbered Law About Consumer Protection – Regulations About Procedure and Principle of Execution of Distance Contracts” that is related to sales and the fullfilment of the services that is executed via website in electronic platform and whose properties and sales price is mentioned below.


2.1- CONSUMER, declares that he/she completely understood and is informed about the properties of tour and service, sales amount and payment method included in this contract and the fullfilment of rudiment, and he/she made the necessary confirmation in electronic platform.
2.2- AGENCY, is responsible to CONSUMER tour’s and service’s being the same as it is written in this contract.
2.3-AGENCY, is responsible for compensations and convictions that will occur in case of not abiding to the contract.
2.4- VISA is not included to the purchased tour and activities. There is no visa problem to people who are Turkish citizens and have foreing country passport in visiting Greek islands.
2.5- CONSUMER, should notify AGENCY by filing a complaint in case of any problematic issue. AGENCY is responsible for finding some solutions in case of bona fide.
2.6 – CONSUMER, if he/she notifies it 3 days before, can delay the tour date without paying an additional fee.
2.7-CONSUMER, will not pay an additional VAT for the service. All prices include VAT.


3.1 – AGENCY, can cancel the trip due to any unfavorable condition such as earthquake, terrorist incident, bad weather conditions, road obstacles and unforeseen technical issues even it provides the necessary tour environment. In this case, consumer has no right of COMPENSATION.
3.2 – CONSUMER, can cancel the tour until more than or equal to 15 days left to tour and can accept return.
3.3 – CONSUMER, can get 50% of his/her money back if he/she request retraction one week before the tour.
3.4- CONSUMER, cannot request cancellation if there is less than 7 days left to tour. If he/she does, he/she accepts to pay the full amount. Date changes made by CONSUMER be declared null and void.
3.5 – CONSUMER, can assign the tour to someone else until there are more than or equal to 7 days left to tour.
3.6 – If CONSUMER, does not post a written declaration about his/her absence in the tour, AGENCY has the right to cancel the tours that CONSUMER will attend after 24 hours.In such cases, money is not returned to CONSUMER.
3.7 – AGENCY, if it deems necessary, has the right of cancellation of the complete or a part of the tour. In such cases, AGENCY must post this occurence in written declaration to CONSUMER. AGENCY, can change the order of visit in case of written declaration. In such cases, if CONSUMER does not want to attend to tour, return of money of the service that is not consumed can be done.
3.8 – AGENCY can notify CONSUMER in person about tour cancellations or AGENCY can announce it via its website. CONSUMER accepts and confirms this situation.


Alanya Consumer Courts and Arbitration Boards are responsible for the issues to be occured in execution of this contract.
CONSUMER, is assumed to accept all conditions of this contract.