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Private Aspendos and Manavgat Tour

Alanya, Alanya/Antalya, Türkiye (0)
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You will experience the best trip from the Ancient City of Aspendos to Manavgat River & Waterfall. You will find the best experience with the best service for your tour there. This is because you will be picked by Alanya tour guide. You choose the location where you want yourself to be picked up. It can be in the Alanya Hotel, Antalya Airport,Avsallar,Konaklı,Okurcalar, Alanya cruise ship port or even in the Alanya Marina. You may choose one of those places where you want the tour guide to pick you. This is not only the service that you will get from the tour agency. You will also be given a map of Antalya City and also those brochures that will help you get further details about the city and your destination. At the end of the tour, you will be brought to the same point where they pick you once you come to the city.

Private Aspendos and Manavgat Waterfall & River Tour

The trip will take around 7 hours to take you to the main destination in Aspendos to Manavgat. The Aspendos ancient of cities is the starting point. Aspendos is the city where the culture of Greek, Byzantine and Roman blended well. This city is divided into two different part of Upper City and Lower City Structure. There, in the Aspendos, you will also find the amazing sites of Agora, Basilica, Nymphaeum. The 15 km arched waterways are the one that needs to visit. The Aspendos Theatre is also another spot in Aspendos that you need to visit. This ancient theatre is known for its capacity for 15,000 people. It has an amazing acoustic design that even the conversation of people below will be heard by those on the top.
Other than those amazing spots in Aspendos, you will also find that you can find more in Manavgat that will give you the best tour to experience. Aspendos might still keep you some other spots in the north such as the Anatolia, which is known as one of the largest Roman Aqueducts and also the marvelous acropolis of the city where there is also the best view of the river. However, Manavgat is also the place that worth to visit. The turquoise river of Manavgat will amaze you especially when you can experience it using the traditional boat along the river. This is just the beginning that you will find in Manavgat.
In Manavgat, you will find another amazing spot of Manavgat Waterfall which is known as the one of the widest waterfalls in the world. You will also experience freezing temperature there. After the waterfall, you will continue sailing downstream to the sea. You might find those turtles and pelican if you are lucky enough. You can experience swimming break during this trip as the last spot you can enjoy in Manavgat.
After those amazing spots, you have experience, your journey will be completed with the best service to take back to the pick-up point. This is what you can get from the best experience that you can enjoy the during the trip of Aspendos to Manavgat. Pick your best tour guide with the best service to let you enjoy the amazing of Aspendos Manavgat tour.


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